Get to know our coffee

We sell coffee from different origins. We have different origins, roasts, and grinds. Each origin has a unique flavor. We can roast them and grind them in many different ways: Light, Medium, and Dark Roast. We roast on the same day as we ship for whole bean orders and next day for ground coffee.

Some of the following roasts are not always available. We rotate availability based on demand.

Rwanda Single-Origin Coffee.Often compared to Kenya coffee, Rwanda coffee is delicate tasting with a pleasant, sweet, caramel-like aroma and hints of citrus such as lemon & orange.

Tanzania Single-Origin Coffee. Tanzania coffee has a bright and vibrant, wine-like acidity. It can even be sharp, with a deep, rich, and strong taste. Often full or medium-bodied that is intense and creamy. Some say it can have a sweet berry-like, fruity flavor and occasionally hints of cedar.

Uganda Single-Origin Coffee. A tasty cup of Ugandan coffee will give you the desirable wine-like acidity of a fine East African coffee, yet with a lighter body.

Costa Rica Single-Origin Coffee.These beans are from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica, and beans are AAA or better. Cheap store-bought coffee is often graded AA or less. There's a huge difference in flavor, try some yourself and see.

Cameroon Single-Origin Coffee. Cameroon coffee has a rich, full body and mellow taste featuring a very pleasant aroma. Cameroon has great agricultural conditions, providing one of the best primary commodity economies in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Nicaragua Single-Origin Coffee.Coffee from Nicaragua has a medium to smooth body and mild yet distinct acidity. This coffee can have rich yet subtle flavors and balanced sweetness. Followed with a nutty bouquet with hints of vanilla.

Papua New Guinea Single-Origin Coffee. Custom coffee from Papua New Guinea, roasted and ground exactly how you want it.

Guatemala Single-Origin Coffee Coffee. grown in Guatemala usually are known for having a full body and a rich chocolate/cocoa flavor, plus a toffee-like sweetness. Guatemalan coffees are true Central American coffees.

Honduras Single-Origin Coffee.Custom coffee from Honduras roasted and ground exactly how you want it.

Timor coffee is in between medium-bodied and full-bodied, with an expansive taste and a bit more acidic than others.

Colombia Single-Origin Coffee.Our Colombian coffee features the flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet floral aroma. This 100% Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity. Like many premium Colombian coffees, you will enjoy the sweet buttery aftertaste. This coffee retains its flavor very well as it cools. 

Coffees with Ingredients: 100% Fair Trade Organic Arabica Coffee

Burundi Single-Origin Coffee.Burundi coffee has a delicate flavor with a rich body and acidity. They are also known to have sweet berry tastes floral notes and berry-like aromas. 

Mexico Single-Origin Coffee. Tasting notes include nuts, cocoa, and toffee with a creamy textured finish. This coffee is grown at an altitude of 3,300 feet in the southern tip of Mexico in what used to be Mayan territory, bordering Guatemala. The coffee is grown just above the rainforests in the mountain valley of Chiapas. Mexico is in North America surrounded on it's east coast by the Gulf of Mexico and to the west is the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. North of Mexico is the United States, with Guatemala to the south.